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Fatman Little Brush Paint Studio

Full time paint studio located in Forest Grove, Oregon. I paint everything from 15mm-54mm, when not working on commission for people in particular I try to keep a decent stock of Reaper Miniatures up on Ebay.(ebay info listed below) While I am new at this as a profession I have been painting for over 10 years, and am always learning new tricks.  Most recently I was partnering up with another paint studio in Oregon, but had to leave due to money issues.




Price Guide

Table top quality pricing: $6.00 each troop   $13.00 for Medium/Bike Size $20 for dreadnought/monstrous creature/characters  $30 for tanks   $50 for super heavies.

Display Quality:$20 each troop, $35 for medium/Bike size and characters $50 for Dreadnoughts/monstrous creatures $60 for tanks, $100 for super heavies

Custom bases, What you see on the majority of all the models I have displayed on the site so far I do for free, I do have magi sculpt though and can make more custom unique bases at a price of $3 per base.(Depending upon the size)

I do offer discounts for commissions over $200

How to reach me/payment

I can be reached at daily4605@gmail.com where we can discuss business and other things.

For payment I primarily accept paypal or if you are local to me cash.